1. Paul McCartney - “My Valentine” (Official Video ft. Natalie Portman)

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    Natalie Portman - Elle UK by Kai Z Feng, November 2013

  4. Alt-J - Matilda

    'Matilda' was originally written about the last moments of 'Léon: The Professional' in the eponymous film by Luc Besson.

  5. Paul McCartney - “My Valentine” (ft. Natalie Portman)

  6. Natalie Portman in the Miss Dior Commercial 'La Vie en Rose' [x]

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  7. Damien Rice - The Blower’s Daughter - Official Video

    Official video for Damien Rice’s song “The Blower’s Daughter,” from his album O. The song was featured in the film “Closer.” The video features scenes from the film.

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    ESPN/ABC announcers have no idea who Michael Fassbender is (except he may be Danny Bonaduce), as Terrence Malick’s latest continues to shoot. 

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